Enjoy the Winnipeg Folk Festival

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is an amateur theater company with an annual free summer music festival held at Birds Hill Provincial Park, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada every June. The festival includes music from all over the world and is certain to include some local performers. Some notable local performers at the Winnipeg Folk Festival have included The Doves and The Larks, The Royal Winnipeg Fireflies, and The Roxy Theater Ensemble. Music lovers and fans from all over the country can attend the festival to enjoy family-friendly fun while immersing themselves in Canadian, traditional folk art and entertainment.

Winnipeg Folk Festival

The Winnipeg Folk Festival runs from June 7th to the 9th, Sunday through Saturday during July. For those who live near the downtown core, it’s easy to make plans to attend. In addition to a free musical showcase, the festival offers free arts and craft vendors, food events, food tours, and local entertainment. For visitors wanting to experience the thrill and excitement that come along with the free-folk music, there are also opportunities to partake in activities such as photo contests, guest speaker events, and aboriginal artwork and food.

According to organizers said there are many reasons why Winnipeggers should take time out of their busy lives to check out the annual Winnipeg Folk Festival. “The Festival brings many Winnipeggers together year-round, allowing them to celebrate the rich heritage of our Canadian culture,” said festival organizer Sandy Hudson. “The Festival attracts a diverse cross-section of our community, which means there will be something for everyone.” Visitors can enjoy the free music and enjoy the delicious cuisine offered at the various events. Whether you are looking for a relaxing stroll during the afternoon or dancing to the sound of drums as you watch First Nations drummers perform, the Winnipeg Folk Festival makes for a great time.