Revivalists (Band) Concert Review

The Revivalists, also known as The Revivalist Band, are a contemporary American rock group consisting of Ed Williams, Dave Shaw, Zack Feinsman, David Shorter, Michael Girardot, and Andrew Campanelli. The eight-person band includes Ed Williams on lead guitar, Dave Shaw on bass, and Dave Thomas on drums. In recent months, PJ (Paulet Howard) was added on drums and percussion as well. The Revivalist has released several singles and albums throughout its career.


In 2020, the band released its first album, entitled The Revivalist, which featured guest appearances from members of other musical groups such as The Black Keys, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, and Pearl Jam. The album was a success and spawned the smash hit single “The Night Is Young”. In 2020, the band released its second album, named All Time Greatest Hits. This album featured songs from all the band’s previous albums. Another high-selling record was released in 2020, titled Revivalist II.

A year later, The Revivalist welcomed PJ (also known as PJ) Howard into the band. PJ is a versatile player, having performed with various musical genres in his career. As a member of the Revivalists, he has played in bands such as Black Label Society, The Velvet Underground, and Emerson, Lake And Palmer. He also performed with the legendary Paul McCartney and Pearl Jam. It has been said that the band is influenced by both the Beatles and the Stones. However, PJ has denied this, stating that the sound of the band is “pure”.

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