Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Fest is an outdoor music festival held at the shores of Fort Lauderdale’s beaches in South Florida. This music and arts festival is organized by musician’s festival coordinator, Don Watson. He has been organizing music festivals for years and is an active member of the community, contributing to the arts as well as volunteering his time. Rock the Ocean brings together a diverse collection of different musical styles in one large event. The concert includes the likes of rock and roll, blues, jazz and reggae, along with other popular music. It also features a number of theatrical productions and musical acts. There are also many special shows, featuring popular artists.

Tortuga Music Fest

Rock the Ocean is not just a music festival, but also a family-friendly concert. The concerts are free to the public and are a great way for all ages to enjoy the sun, sand, and music. Rock the ocean’s Tortuga Music Fest is an all ages, family fun fair. The concerts are held throughout the day, starting with the morning music and entertainment at the beach and then continuing into the afternoon on the sands of the beach, and back to the music at night at the Fort Lauderdale Music Center. Rock the ocean’s Tortuga Festival showcases the best of the best local talent. As well as music there are plenty of food vendors selling delicious Mexican and Caribbean cuisine, and plenty of vendors selling everything from local crafts and jewelry to seafood.

The Tortuga Festival is a great way to celebrate your love of music and arts in South Florida. Rock the ocean’s Tortuga music Festival will allow you to experience this unique music festival at its best. If you have never attended a music or art event in South Florida, then you will love it! This is truly a great way to experience some of the finest music in the world. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, the Rock the Ocean Music Festival has something for everyone.